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Recovery Manager Features

RMAN is an Oracle utility that you use to manage the backup, restore, and recovery operations on Oracle databases. RMAN has a powerful command language that is independent of the operating system.

RMAN provides several features not available when you make user-managed backups with
operating system commands.

  • Frequently executed operations can be stored as scripts in the database.
  • With block change tracking enabled in the database RMAN can limit incremental backups to recording only those blocks that have changed since the previous backup.
  • RMAN can be used to manage the size of backup pieces and save time by parallelizing the backup operation.
  • RMAN can recover an individual corrupt data block or set of data blocks within a data file rather than restoring and recovering the entire data file.
  • RMAN operations can be integrated with the Oracle Database Scheduler to automate
    backup operations.
  • You can use RMAN to detect block corruption. The information relating to the block
    corruption that is detected during backup can be obtained by using the
  • RMAN provides performance enhancements such as:
            – Automatic parallelization of backup, restore, and recovery operations
            – No generation of extra redo during online database backups
            – Backups can be restricted to limit reads per file, per second to avoid interfering   with OLTP work
            -  Prevention of flooding of any one file with reads and writes while still keeping a tape drive streaming, using multiplexing
  • RMAN has a media management API to work seamlessly with third-party media
    management tools interfacing with storage devices providing increased speed and
  • Under the user-managed method you need to keep track of all database files and backups. In a recovery situation you must locate backups for each data file, copy them to the correct place using operating system commands, and choose which redo log files to apply. RMAN manages these tasks automatically.